tiistai 31. lokakuuta 2017

Lokakuun instaus & grammaus

💓 | LOVE & RESPECT | 💓

Mom and dad, I'm coming 🐾🐾💓

On a chill october day, proper clothing @merineule & one good kiss keeps you warm 💓🐾

Kotilammella 💚🐾

Yhdessä oivaltamisen taito 💚 Tässä menossa Deepak Chopran Salaisuuksien kirja 📗🍏
Lukemisen ilo 📗🍏 Mindfulness on meidän juttu 💚

Elämäni urokset 💓🐾🐕


| WUF UP? | 🐾🐾💓

We learn the rope of life by untying its knots. 💓

Sunnuntain nachot 🌵 
Kiitos ohjeesta MINNEAN muruja 💛

Marriedlife 13 months 💗🌿🌹
Hubby went to a grocery store and suprised me with roses.
I love him so much 💗
Did you notice what I'm studying today?
Yes, guide book to boatlife 🚤💙
Happy new week folks 👫


Respect The Beard ❤
Beard Oil & Wax for my hubby from award winning mens grooming brand 

Ain't she a beauty! My hubby's ship 💙

A shadow is a constant remainder of a fact that you are surrounded by light 😊

Greetings from Primorsk, the home of REBCO 😎

| FR🌿DAY | 💭

 Работа в пятницу 🚢

Abandonet excavator in Hakkenpää, Taivassalo forest.
Wonder what's the story behind it? 

 Good morning from Seskar island anchorage 🚢

Arrival Ust-Luga RU. The second home of REBCO 🚢

Night Mood in Ust-Luga RU 🚢🌙

Oliwa's magical moment on a home soil 💙

Winter is coming... 🚢

Jan 27, 2017 PRV FI 
Kuva Raimo Mäkinen

Nothing that happens on the surface of the sea can alter the calm of it's dephts 💙

Apr 13, 2017.
This evening ~6 months ago. I packed my bags & climbed onboard to a whole new world for 3 weeks. So lucky I get to see what my love does for a living. Must see it to believe, really. 💓
Kuva Raimo Mäkinen



The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow 🌈


Hello Monday! Office view after the storm. 🚢

Care for some blanket my queen? 💓🐾🐾🐕

October 31 is the 304th day of the year (305th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar.
There are 61 days remaining until the end of the year. This date is slightly more likely to fall on a Monday, Wednesday or Saturday (58 in 400 years each) than on Thursday or Friday (57), and slightly less likely to occur on a Tuesday or Sunday (56). 📃✒👓🎓

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  1. Ihania kuvia.
    Laivakuvat todella vaikuttavia.
    Mukavaa marraskuuta!

  2. Laivakuvat ovat aivan upeita ja koiruuskuvat niin <3

    Sinä ja rakkaasi olette muuten kuin kaksi marjaa - soma pari!

  3. Kauniita kuvia! Pääsisipä merelle!

  4. Miten suloinen hauva ja upeita nuo merikuvat, vau! Hyvää alkanutta marraskuuta :)

    1. Kiitos Piia <3
      Tunnelmallista marraskuuta sinulle :)
      Ihastuin blogiisi La La Lilja <3