torstai 9. marraskuuta 2017

Binocular Memories

Have you ever wished that what you see "right now" could be transferred for someone else to see exactly how it was when you saw it?

Of course you have, that is why we take photos. We try to capture the moment as it is to remember later for what it was. 

First hug after a long time apart...

Sometimes the feelings in a moment are so strong that they truly shine through the picture. And if you get feeling to the picture, you got something special. The photo itself doesn't have to be amazing but if it carries a feeling with it > you've got it. 😍

Out at sea, you see thousands of amazing sunsets / sunrises... Here is a sunrise on Barents Sea.

The tricky part is trying to capture the feeling in the particular moment. 98% of the time you fail. The photo does not reflect at all what the scenery looked or felt like. 

We have a saying here among sailors: The best way to calm down a raging sea is to rush for camera and try to get a really good photo of the waves. Works every time. 😆

Another bugger is lack of the right equipment when you need it. So you improvise > you don't have a proper object for you camera > you have binoculars on a bridge. I can tell you, that it is not the easiest job to get a good picture with your mobile phone through binoculars. But it can be done, if you are desperate enough. 😏

During the time I took these pictures, I was desperate. Desperately in love and hopelessly missing my wife...  😍 Wanted to share these moments with her at home & here are the results. The fact that these pics are taken through binoculars, gives them life & emotion. So I was actually lucky I didn't have the perfect equipment with me.  

In these binocular memories, you see what I saw & you feel what I felt. Every succeeded shot is a result of at least 20 failed ones. 

The cliffs of Nordkapp (Norway) on the horizon as we pass them on our way to Murmansk.

Ship to Ship operation in Kola bay, Murmansk. No chance to go ashore, so educated myself through binoculars. What is the story behind this mansion with an ocean view?

Famous Alyosha monument guarding the city of Murmansk.

Russian military power is well displayed in Murmansk area.

I wonder what amazing stories this city and it's people have in their collective memory. 

Passing Lofoten Islands (Norway). Photographed from ~50 miles away.

The coastline of Norway. Amazing to the naked eye, so hard to catch on camera.

Lonely lighthouse islands on Norwegian coast. We would love to live on something like this with my wife. Our own little world with a minimum amount of modern day BS. 😉

Russian modern VTS tower & older lighthouse standing side by side on the island of Seskar.

Gogland island & lone ship wreck on the coastline.

Hope you enjoyed this walk down the "binocular alley". 😉

In a rule, if there has to have one? Capturing the moments is not about the gear you use. It's about the something else entirely... And that's cool about life > In a rule, there is no rule... 😍

18 kommenttia:

  1. Fantastic photos. Just wonder, how you have managed to take them throug binoculars.

    R. TĂ€ysin arkista

    1. Thank you! Well, as I wrote on the postage > every photo took multiple tries & fails ;)

  2. Vow, magnificent captures! These photos truly tell stories.

  3. Kiehtovasti kuvattu mereltÀpÀin.

    1. Kiitos. TÀytyy silloin tÀllöin yrittÀÀ jotain erilaista =)

  4. Hieno ja mielenkiintoinen kuvasarja!

    1. Kiitoksia, mukava jos jollain tapaa liikauttaa ;)

  5. MinÀ inspiroidun erilaisuudesta ja nÀmÀ todella olivat erilaiset ympyrÀkuvat tÀhÀn haasteeseen. Ja lisÀksi kohteet olivat kivoja. Olen majakkafani, ne kuvat katsoin erityisen tarkasti.

  6. Wau, olen suorastaan sanaton nÀiden kuvien edessÀ! Upeita "ympyrÀkuvia" eri puolilta maailmaa.
    Suloista lauantaipÀivÀÀ Sinulle ja Merikapteenillesi. <3

    1. Kiitos Piipe ❤
      Ihanaa lauantaipĂ€ivÀÀ sinnekin 😙

  7. Kaukokaipuu yllÀttÀÀ katselijankin

    1. KyllĂ€, nĂ€illĂ€ kuvilla on kiva mennĂ€ mielikuvamatkalle 😍🌎