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My xmas calendar, day 8

So, my lovely wife custom made me a xmas calendar. 😍

What a calendar it has turned out to be already. Full of delicious products for reviewing with you dear readers. The first 7 reviews I did in finnish, but lets try to do one in english as well. 

Day 8... The product review had to be postponed until the evening for obvious reasons. 

Ladies & Gentlemen, let me present to you: JĂ€germeister, the one & only. 😆

Well, I can say that wife has poured some thought in to this one. Since it is our 15 month wedding anniversary and JĂ€germeister happened the be the one drink that we used to brake the excitement when we first met. 

Still remember standing together in our city apartments kitchen & me "gentlemen like" as ever,  pouring the JĂ€germeister  into two shot glasses. Or at least some of it... I was so excited that half of the stuff ended up on the table as my hands were shaken so bad. In all my life, I have never been so nervous. 😏

5 days after this magical moment, we booked a wedding chapel & 10 days after that we were married. So, what does this tell us about Mr. JĂ€germeister? Well at least have some respect for it 😍

Is it really you old friend? So cool and pure?

Oh yes, I see ya... 

Lets have a bite down the memory lanes then...

This xmas calendar is all about reviewing the products. But how can you review a legend? JĂ€germeister is in his own league. This is like trying to explain how any of the modern day mariner would compare against Admiral Horatio Nelson

Sure, you could talk of the subject for hours. But in the end, if you really understand the matter... Just be quiet. 😉

Since legend is being rated, on a scale of 0-10... I will rate this to:


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