perjantai 10. elokuuta 2018

Sea Breeze

Vacation day no.56 & time to prepare for work. 
Physical stuff today, mental switch not until I climb the gangway. 💙⚓🌊

And off we go chasing the rainbow... Could be worse 😎 

Arrival to Primorsk, the home of REBCO 😎

Big mama has some goodies to deliver & she always does. 
Reliable old girl arriving to Porvoo 😍

Dear hubby and his amazing crew at Stena Arctica 💙⚓🌊 

Queen of the Svartbäck anchorage ⚓ 
Thank you for the pic Basse @porvoonmeripelastajat 🌊 

SAR Porvoo visited Stena Arctica. 
What a great way to get connected & respect the important job they do. 😍

Happy day to visit mailbox 📬💙💌 
Thanks for the #osmonboardmagazine Marie-Christine & Kayla 😘 
You are 💎💎 

Beautiful russian mornings 🌅

Primorsk. What a pleasure to visit every time. 
Co-operation with pilots & terminal people has evolved to perfection over the years. 
We are one big team here. 😎

 Visiting Butinge Marine Terminal (Lithuania).
 It's just a buoy on a sea. Make the bow fast to the buoy & stern fast to the tug. 
Then connect the hoses & discharge. 😊 
Refreshingly differend operation. 😎 

Morning coffee out on a Baltic Sea. 
Could be worse 😋☕🌊 

Ust-Luga, Russia

Our skilled navigation officer makes a passage plan for each voyage which you then check & approve in advance. It is all good once again here in Stena Arctica👍 
We are good to go 🌊 

Why not arrive to a date with style 😉❤️🌹 

Rise N' Shine 🌅

Meeting our crude oil colleque M/T Mastera at Svartbäck 😎 

Silhouette of a small bunker barge approaching Ust-Luga 😎

Beautiful closure to another day in our Arctica awesomeness 🌅 

Hubby is arriving to Porvoo. It means hugging and kissing for me ❤️ 
Happy wifey ❤️ 
Thanks for the pic Tuomo Jousala 😍

When the "Big Mama Sings" at Porvoo, we have a note or two to ourselves at home ❤️ 


Through these nautical pictures from the last working period, it is now time to "turn the switch" in vacation mode. 😍

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