perjantai 7. heinäkuuta 2017

Archipelago Adventure

On the picture, all legs that really count for us. 😍

So today, we felt that these legs deserve some "archipelago" attitude in them. Meaning the boat, some right attitude, weather & good company.

Packed some fishing gear too, not that it matters if we get anything... But let's face it, the mood is a bit different with them onboard. 😏

Started the journey with feeding the thirsty boat. This summer, you don't need to navigate anywhere to fill the boat. Because in Saaristomarina, you get it all... NICELY DONE! 

Yes, this automated friend of ours... will consume anything, credit / debit & all plastics.  

After about an hour of boating pleasure, we found an island perfect for some relaxing. 

Island was right beside the fairway I used to navigate frequently when I worked in M/T Kiisla. Always at this fairway turn, would I look at east & think. "My home is so close..." So now, to come here on my holiday & to do something like this with my wife. Well, feels special indeed. 

Relaxing means > a fire. To get a fire means some "fire starters". And to get those bastards, you need Skrama, the best bush knife I have ever owned. 

With Skrama you can carv & chop the wood. The blade is designed to do both...

One happy camper, with a fire 😍

"Oliwa" respected the fire also. 

Skrama > can handle the coffee pan too... Merely by being long enough so that you don't burn your hands. 

Some firewood made coffee. My wife was surprised to taste it, since it tastes like her grandmothers coffee... Bringing the memories back to the good old days. I wrote about this in: Nainen haaveideni aikakoneesta

Some loving was also experienced... Since we are natures creations 😉 Tip to modern day people 😘

With the fire > you can cook wild things. Such as sausages, which in return... will wake the beast in you! 😆

To get this postage to you lovely followers... Means, wasting fractions of our time behind the camera. 💗

Wife. Love of my life 😍

Often when she was standing near to a small ledge, I thought... "What if I pushed her to the sea?". As a joke... Well I did not. I have some character, but I am not crazy. 😆

Our black beast, enjoying the scenery. 

Me, happy... really happy! 

Wife's nautical accessories, bought from Lootholma souvenir shop. Which by the way is located in schooner "Helena". Which in return is the first ship my grandfather sailed overseas when he was 15 years old... Small world, some wise people say? 😍

Said to my wife. This is like fishing from a flower-bed. So beautiful. Hoped no fish > got no fish 😉

Birds flying by so close, and since we were so high, about at the same level. 

"Oliwa" was also excited. You can tell from her posture alone... 

Just something about fishing... who can explain?

We found some bones for later use. Earrings for my wife perhaps? 😍

While I was fishing, a ladybug came to say "hello". 

On the way back, wife wanted to try... Well sure. We took a de-tour, since the weather was awesome. 

Nautical kiss to a most perfect nautical partner a man could ever have. You are the reason I feel like a Super Man... I've told this to you many times, now I wanna tell it to everyone. 💗

So, again... Vitamin sea, thank you!

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