keskiviikko 11. lokakuuta 2017

Awesome October

In Finland we have four seasons during a year. We think it's a blessing and would not change this for anything. Four seasons simply mean you have four totally different modes on the same piece of nature per year. 

For example now in October... This little walk around the Cape of Hakkenpää is unique. After a month or two, nothing is the same. 

Every day we spend here includes a walk for our whole family in the nature. Without this walk, the day in Hakkenpää is just not complete. So welcome with us to one of these walks. 

During fall months, the sun is shining so low that it makes these selfies a bit challenging. Not an easy job to keep your eyes open while the sun is shining from the same level as your camera.

Well, I have heard some people dying for selfies... So, could be worse. 😆

During the fall months, forests of Finland fill up with mushrooms of all kind. This is one of the natures reserve that is almost totally neglected here. On average, finish person eats 0,5 kg of mushrooms a year. When for example in Asia, the consumption of mushrooms per person / year is over 20 kg?

OK, the picking of mushrooms will require some knowledge. But educate yourself in that and the forests here are full of delicious stuff to add to your frying pan. 😋

Our small boy (50% Rottweiler / 50% German Shepherd) "Hehku" is bravely with us in anything we do. In these daily walks we keep the phase slow and give him brakes from time to time. The boy is growing with a speed, so the exercise levels needs to stay moderate. These walks in the nature are the perfect way to train his physique. Challenging terrain & ever changing surfaces. This boy gets the best of pretty much everything. 😍

At fall the pines change their needles as well, normally one "vintage" at the time. Or the other option, we photographed a dying tree? 😆

Birches however, are getting totally naked for winter. These birch "alleys" are amazing during the fall as well. 💗 Even our little creatures "Hehku" & "Olivia" stood still for a while to take it all in.

Calm sea & colors of the fall. 

Some lucky guy or a girl has the most awesome wood chopping spot in the world. Imagine to stand here with an sharp axe no hurry to anywhere. Perfect... 😍

Our boy "Hehku" on a break. This 11 week old boy already looks so wise. And well, since he is without an ego > wise he truly is. Enjoying life to the fullest. 💗

Pure happiness here. Our creatures & me to whom they have infected happiness as well. So glad to be infected by such a rare disease. Hope I never come across a cure. 😊

Our endpoint of today's walk. A small cape with a view to sea. Not so long ago, I navigated across that far horizon with product tanker SUULA. So strange just to sit here with "Hehku" and be in what seems like a totally different world.

"Hehku" getting familiar with salt (or brackish to be exact) water..

The boy is in safe company, what comes to water... We are often wondering with my wife if he is going to be a swimmer? I guess next summer will show us? This lucky boy can choose his own interests. 😏

Same story on the woods, the boy is in safe hands. 

These kind of walks are just full of "eye candies". We can try to capture the moments in photos > but never succeed really. That's how it should be. 

Today's walk took about 1,5 hours. Start your day with dose of magic as this and you can be sure rest of the day follows the same pattern. 💖

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better"

Albert Einstein

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  1. Liian paljon kuvia, upeita otoksia tosin, mutta en pysty keskittymään näin runsaaseen kuvatarjontaan!

    1. Kiitos kommentista. Meistä taas on ihana laittaa paljon kuvia :)
      Tunnelmallista lokakuuta :)

  2. Voi miten hurmaavat kuvat💖 Olen täysi myyty:)

    1. Kiitos 😍
      Tunnelmallista syksyä 🍁🌾💛🌲

  3. Vastaukset
    1. Kiitos 😍
      Teillä on mahtava blogi, elämänmakuinen juuri niinkuin me tykätään 💛

  4. Oi mitä kuvia ja pieni koirulikin tuli bongattua. Olette kyllä niin mahtava tehokaksikko ja ulkoilmaharrastukset liimaa teitä enemmän vaan yhteen. Ihana postaus <3

    1. Kiitos ihana Tiia 😙
      Aurinkoista sunnuntaita 💛☀️🎃🍀

  5. Kaunis ruska välittyy upeissa kuvissasi!

  6. Jestas, että on ihana koiravauva <3 Sen mun osuuteni 0,5 kg sienistä saa joku muu nauttia, jaiks :D