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Nautical Drive By Date

We live in the middle of the Turku Archipelago. 

On our summer boating adventures, we have noticed how the commercial fairway leading from Bay of Bothnia to Naantali comes surprisingly close to our "home waters". My hubby has told me how he views these waters from the bridge and thinks about the times we've spend there as a family with our own little boat. Those wonderful experiences give the whole archipelago a different feel, hubby says... 

Well after this day, I will also look these waters with a new perspective. Since today was the day I saw my hubby navigating here with his ship. We had the most awesome "Drive By Date" imaginable.


We have planned this many times, but the ship & schedules never care about our little plans. Meaning that so far these "drive by's" have occurred in the middle of the night > not much to see there. Finally today everything came together & we got to experience this in full daylight.

I called my dear good friend Tiina & asked if she wanted to join me & Hehku for some outdoor fun. Tiina is outdoor kind of a person, so she was more than happy to get along. 

My hubby had informed me, that the best place to see the ship would be from an old pilot station ~ 20km drive away from our house. He also informed the timeline in which the ship would be there. All I was left to worry was to clothe myself properly & get Hehku in the car. Tiina joined us from the village center. 

The weather was perfect when we arrived to the pilot station. No wind, few degrees minus & some light sunshine through the clouds. Hehku was totally in his element with the snow and exploring the shoreline. 

On the shore, there was a sector light & old "kummeli" to remind us that we are near the commercial shipping lane. These navigational marks are among the ones my hubby & his colleagues are using while navigating through the complicated Turku Archipelago. They look so small when seen from the bridge of a ship, yet they are huge when you face them close by like this.

Our baby Hehku is sooooo in loveee with Tiina 😍

"Kummeli", the most simple way of marking the fairways. Just a pile of stones painted white.

Sector Light, more sophisticated way of doing basically the same job. Hehku is waiting for somebody to step out of the door I guess? Well, nobody was home this time. 😏

On a shore we saw a light brown swan on the water. This was a bit strange, since these birds should of migrated south at the beginning of winter. This poor thing has obviously left behind for some reason. Lucky the modern winters are not that cold, so maybe it has a change of staying alive on the open part of these waters? 

Naturally, Hehku would of liked to play with it. 😄

Occasionally the sun came out from the clouds. The views were amazing as we waited for hubby's ship to appear. 

We had some time for posing & kissing with Hehku. He is so handsome & nice tempered.
A true friend that you can bring along to every occasion. 

Swan seemed to get some food out of the water. Diving frequently for the sea bottom...

30min. before my hubby's deadline, I suddenly heard ships engines in the air. Still did not see the vessel for 30min, but I could clearly hear her. It is amazing how far the sound travels on a calm & quiet archipelago day like this.

Then finally, exactly when predicted... We could see her emerging from the distance. 💗

This time Hehku did not yet realize what was going on, still concentrating on the diving swan.

M/T Suula was approaching fast. I was surprised how close it finally got, even though hubby did inform me about this. We could clearly see the shapes of the persons at the bridge and the huge bow wave on the front pushing water & ice away as the ship steamed on. 

Finally Hehku realized this too & started to bark towards the ship / wag his tail. We wondered if he knew dad was on board that strange metal monster?

It did not take more than 10-15 min. for the show to be over. But that was so amazing & emotional for us all. Never again will I look at this part of archipelago the same. Now I also know what my hubby is talking about when he is navigating here. This experience binds us to these surroundings.


M/T Suula had yet ~3 hours to go for Naantali. From this position it turned sharply to south & began to navigate around the islands of Rymättylä to finally arrive in Naantali.

Tail waves from the ship reached our shore several minutes after. We were surprised of their size & Hehku took up his guarding role immediately. 

Who dears to approach my girls! 😊

Bye Bye Hubby & see you soon. This evening, we would get some quality time at home since it is only about 45min drive from Naantali harbour to our home. 

Thank you Tiina for experiencing this with me. We know that you are just the type of person who totally gets moments like these in life. 😍

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  1. Ihania kuvia <3 Mukavaa viikonjatkoa Sinulle <3

  2. Upeat kuvat ja ihana meri kertakaikkiaan! Hyvää viikonjatkoa :)

  3. Tosi romanttista kohdata näin, ilman, että kuitenkaan näkee toisiaan. Ootte kyllä lutuisia <3

    1. Kiitos ihana Outi ❤️ Niin ootte tekin 😘
      Halauksia uuteen päivään 😍💗

  4. Hienot kuvat ja tottakai Hehku tiesi kuka siellä meni :)

    1. Kiitos Kristiina 😍
      Noniin mekin uskomme, hän on niin monesti nähnyt iskän satamassa joko menossa laivaan tai tulossa sieltä. Tämä todella oli hellyttävä hetki ❤️

  5. Upeat kuvat ja maisemat. Hehku on niin ihnaa!

  6. Te olette maailman ihanin ja romanttinen pari <3 Mieletön postaus, kuvat, ystävyys, oma rakas siellä lähellä mutta kaukana, kaunis sinä ja koirulit. Tästä tuli niin hyvälle mielelle. Luin tämän jo eilen ja palasin vielä uudelleen, nauttimaan. <3

    1. Kiitos Tiia rakas ❤️ Koskettavan kaunis kommentti 😍😘

  7. Ihana kummeli ja loisto, noita voisi kuvailla kai loputtomiin :). Upeita kuvia kaikki!

  8. Ootte kyllä niin ihania, ei voi muuta sanoa <3 Ihania kuvia ja fiiliksiä ja koiruli <3