torstai 3. toukokuuta 2018

Life at Sea on April

Like I promised on our last post, here is April view's from instagram as seen from nautical perspective.

Welcome onboard

Great Belt Bridge rising to the clouds. 😎 
No matter how many times you've done this, it's still cool. 👌 

Good to be back in the "old girl" after a while ⛴️ 😊 
Gdansk, Poland

 Fredericia, it has been a while... Always nice to visit here. 😎

 Fredericia, DK 


Pantera birthday cake for the captain accompanied with a "Cowboys From Hell" soundtrack. Mindblowing Arctica stuff đŸ€˜đŸ˜ŽđŸ€˜

 Preparing for some nocturnal action, that's how we often roll... 😉 
View to main deck from the starboard wing controls.

 Summer vibes at Baltic Sea 🌊 

Escort tug "Ahti". Gives the old girl effective brakes & agility for harbour manouvres.
 It's always a good feeling to have this monster covering your back. đŸ’Ș

#throwback Worked as an O.S (ordinary seaman) at M/V Mirva back in 2004 at the Bay of Biscay. The sea was a bit rough as it should be down there. 😊 

 I'm very in love and romantic. I'm extremely in love and romantic. I date my hubby ❤️ 

 Misty morning view from the office ⚓

Spacious evening with the old girl 😍

MAY the waves be good to US on this working period

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  1. Hienot kuvat! Vaan onpa aluksella kokoa:) Olkoon tosiaan tuulet ja aallot suotuisia! Kaunista alkanutta toukokuuta♥

    1. Kiitos <3 Rouvan mitat on metreissÀ 250 x 44, kuollutta painoa 117 099 tonnia. NÀillÀ mitoilla se on tÀllÀ hetkellÀ Suomen suurin laiva ja maailman suurin 1A super jÀÀvahvistettu tankkeri.
      Halit ja ihanaa viikonloppua PĂ€den pajalle <3

  2. Vastaukset
    1. Kiitos samoin ihana Outi <3
      Halein hyvÀÀ viikonloppua <3

  3. JylhÀt on maisemat ja komea on kakkunen. Mukavaa sunnuntaita <3

    1. Kiitos Tiiaseni <3 Kauniit on illan auringonsÀteet... Huomenna on uusi viikko, nautitaan siitÀ <3